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What's So Bad About Mold?

877QuicDry (877-784-2379) personnel have performed thousands of mold tests, mold investigations, and mold removal projects over the past twenty years. 

As such, we are fortunate to have collected considerable knowledge on mold, mold testing, and mold remediation processes from both educational and practical sources.  The following pages summarize years of knowledge and information obtained.  It should be understood that it would literally take 100s of pages to convey all the details, so this site will simply touch on the highlights and make references to other areas where additional information is available.  We hope sharing a small amount of our knowledge will in some way help you with the issues you are facing now or may face in the future.

Removal / Remediation

Mold Removal, often referred to as Mold Remediation, has become more common over the past several years as persons have become more knowledgeable about its detrimental issues related to both structure degradation/loss of value, and health.  This section will discuss the reasons for mold removal and the methods often utilized to remediate mold.

Reasons for Removing Mold

Most often, our clients wish to remove mold to ensure a healthy environment for themselves and/or their family or co-workers.  In addition to health concerns, many people are concerned about the damage and property value diminishment mold can be responsible for on homes and businesses.  Other common reasons are liability or public or client perception.  Property owners and managers simply don't want the potential liability or diminished public perception associated with not acting diligently when faced with a mold related problem.  Whatever the reason, its a menace many people are dealing with on a daily basis and your decisions to remediate, while almost invariably warranting caution, should not be based on media or other forms of sensationalism and definitely should not be based on any fear or scare tactics that some sites and persons may subscribe to.  We caution you that the Internet is absolutely riddled with incorrect information.  Beware the instant miracle remedies and other seemingly alarming sites.

Health Reasons

Although it is generally accepted by the scientific and medical community that mold and its associated toxins can be harmful to humans, the effects are not totally substantiated since many of the studies performed were on animals and through ingestion or injection rather than inhalation which is the primary exposure for most situations.  It is customary in this industry to err on the side of caution but always be realistic. 

Read what the Scientific & IAQ Community Generally Accept

Home, Building & Other Structure Preservation Reasons

Most Fungi, including molds digest their food source outside their cell membranes by secreting an enzyme onto the food source then absorbing the digested food directly through the cell membrane.  It is this digestion process, and the resulting chemical reaction between the enzyme and the food source that destroys many items the molds are growing on and in some cases produce the MVOCs or smells commonly associated with mold growth.  This process is largely responsible for what we know as wood rot.  Although extreme, homes and business can literally be destroyed by this situation if not properly assessed and remediated.
  • There is little to no argument that many fungi destroy wood, paper, and other cellulose building materials, some much more aggressively than others.
  • The enzyme secretion and its resulting chemical reaction with some substrates has the potential to discolor some finishes.  This is especially true of wall coverings, plastics, and fabrics.
  • Improper or lack of mold remediation can have a devastating effect on the value of your home and the disclosure is required by law for a set period of time.
  • Severe mold cases can render a structure uninhabitable.

Liability Reasons

With the increased public education related to mold comes the greater potential for claims for negligent actions related to mold.  Thousands of mold oriented disputes have been litigated related to property loss, personal injury, negligence, fraud and more.
  • Property owners faced with mold problems often must make decisions related to mold removal.
  • Home inspectors have an obligation to notify of visible mold but not professionally inspect for mold.
  • Service contractors such as plumbers, HVAC contractors, and others are constantly faced with the threat of product related water damage and the resulting mold.
  • Builders regularly deal with mold related warranty issues.
  • Persons that own units in multi-family structures have liability related to water and mold losses to adjacent owners.
  • Commercial space providers have potential liability related to mold in structures leased to tenants.
  • Medical professionals have liability related to mold infections in their patients.
  • Manufacturers and food processors have product liability related to mold.
  • This list is infinite.

Public Perception

Who wants to go to the movie theatre with the mushroom in the corner, or the restaurant with the pretty colors growing on the ceiling tile?  Serious mold issue or not, your business is being judged.  It can happen to any business but the way you deal with it could have lasting effects.  Even us, a mold remediation company, had a reasonably serious air conditioning issue that prompted us to perform corrective repairs and remediation on our own offices.  As stated, it can happen to anyone.  

PS:  What's that growing on your child's wall in his or her classroom?  Yes, schools are regularly shut down due to mold.  Is the reason real?  Sure, but after the media gets involved or the panic sets in, its also about damage control then.  If you're a native Houstonian, you probably remember the recently deceased Marvin Zindler and his restaurant reports.  What do you think happened to business of restaurants he reported for MOLD and SLIME IN THE ICE MACHINE?  If you believe public and client perception of your problem are minor, you may be irreversibly incorrect.

Prompt and often appropriately discrete action are required! 

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