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Water Damage


Full-Service Water Damage Restoration

If you have issues caused by a sewage backup, frozen or broken pipe, bathtub, or leak or overflow, contact the insured, certified specialists who have handled water damage for over 25 years. When you need immediate help in the Houston area, you need the professionals at 877QuicDry!

Water Damage Services

  • On-site inspections by certified technicians
  • High-tech equipment
  • Water extractions
  • Structural drying
  • Specialty drying as needed

How to Manage a Water Loss

1. Safety: Before all else, always make safety your priority. Injuries often encountered during water losses are slip-and-fall (especially where carpet meets slick floors), electrical shock, respiratory complications, and during rising water, bites from insects, mammals, and reptiles.

2. Timeliness: Whatever you do and however you do it, do it fast. A quick response and thorough extraction is a must to ensure an optimal recovery process.

3. DIY or Professional: Your first task may be to determine whether this loss is one that can be handled alone or whether it will require the services of a professional.

4. Choosing a Drying Company: After determining professional assistance is required, the next step is choosing the right company for the job. After choosing a professional company, the majority of the technical issues should be handled by the company, however, we would recommend you review the following section so you can become familiarized with the means by which a loss should be executed.

5. Pricing:  As much as everyone would like to pretend price is never the issue--we know better.  It is simply important to know that most reputable companies are following the guidelines set by the insurance companies.  The vast majority of professional drying companies use the exact same pricing--Xactimate, and this pricing is accepted by all reputable insurance companies and others.  There are situations that call for other pricing but it is the exception rather than the rule.

6. General Water Loss Information:  Whether it be a sewage back-up, a broken pipe, a frozen pipe, a toilet overflow, a bath tub overflow, a roof leak, a site drainage issue, a water heater leak, a sink leak, a toilet tank leak, a leaky supply line, an ice maker leak, a leaking pipe, or any other water producing problem, 877QuicDry (877-784-2379) wants to help by either providing the information to help you do it yourself, by providing water damage consultation services, by renting you the equipment, or by providing you with full service water damage restoration. 

We follow S-500 Standards! Click to read more

877QuicDry performs Comprehensive Inspections second to none in the Flood Restoration and Mold Remediation Industry. 

In fact, our Consultant Grade Water Damage and Mold Inspections, and Moisture Surveys in Houston and Galveston often set the bar for competitors attempting to copy our success.

No portion of the water loss recovery process is more important than the initial inspection and owner interview.  Knowing response time is crucial, less qualified companies attempt to dry structures quickly, often overlooking crucial issues that not only affect the timeliness of the drying process but that often cause considerably more damage than the initial loss.  This damage and that from improper drying is sometimes referred to as secondary damage. 
877QuicDry knows few limitations as it relates to inspection performance. Our inspectors have been trained in the most current moisture detection processes and our firm utilizes the latest in moisture detection equipment technology.

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